Used Car Dealerships In Boise Idaho, Edmark family reflects on 91 years of selling cars in Nampa

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Used Car Dealerships In Boise Idaho – Growing up, Dave Edmark Jr. remembers spending time at his father’s car dealership as it was his second home. This business remains home to Edmark, who now runs a dealer and is preparing his own son, Miles Edmark, to take over in a few years. When he did, it would mark the fourth generation of Edmark men in charge of dealers.

Edmark Auto is in 91 years of business, making it the oldest car dealer in Idaho, said Dave Edmark, and one of the oldest businesses running on Nampa. Dave Edmark said his grandfather, Karl Edmark, opened a business in May 1927 in downtown Nampa in the building where Darlene Printing is now.

Used Car Dealerships In Boise Idaho

The dealer has been in the family since the beginning. Dave Edmark’s father, Dave Edmark Sr., took ownership of Edmark Auto after Karl Edmark, and then handed over responsibility to him. His father and grandfather have since died.

Although Dave Edmark said his father expected him to take over the family business to continue the third generation, he did not have the same hopes for his son. In fact, he jokingly said he did not recommend that he join a business to pursue a medical career. But really, Dave Edmark said he just wanted his son to find a career he loved.

“I want him to do it because he likes it, not because his father did it,” Dave Edmark said.

Like his father, Miles Edmark said he grew up around a car dealer and liked the job. He started working for Edmark Auto about 10 years ago and is now the general manager of the dealer.

Miles Edmark says running a car dealer is like operating several different businesses at once, so he can do a little of everything. He also recently had a son, James Edmark, who was 9 months old, and said he did not plan to encourage his family business to him.

The automotive industry and Nampa themselves have experienced a major evolution in the past 91 years, said Dave Edmark. The biggest change for dealers is progress in technology. He remembered when his father and grandfather ran Edmark Auto, which he compared to the “Happy Days,” they used written messages and calculators to make sales. Even Miles Edmark said less than a decade ago he remembered getting a Blackberry phone when he started at a dealer.

“I think it’s the coolest thing,” he said.

Now, Dave Edmark says they do almost everything with smartphones. As the owner of Edmark Auto, he said he tried to be as accessible as possible for his customers, and gave people his personal cellphone number to contact him.

Nampa itself has grown by more than 85,000 people since the founding of Edmark Auto in the 1920s. Dave Edmark said he expects the population to grow west from Meridian and strongly wants its dealers to sit amid a wave of growth.

Over the years, Edmark dealers have operated in eight locations throughout Nampa. Early last year, the company sold Edmark Superstore at Idaho Center Boulevard to Kendall Auto Group when brother-in-law and business partner Dave Edmark retired.

Also in 2017, Edmark bought Tom Scott Toyota on the Idaho Center Boulevard, but did not change its name until this month because of an agreement with Kendall Ford. On July 17, the name of the location was changed to Edmark Toyota. In the first year under Edmark, dealer sales increased 60 percent, said Dave Edmark.

Dave Edmark bought five acres next to the Toyota dealer so that the capacity could increase to more than 700 vehicles. This business will soon become the business of Miles Edmark, because Dave Edmark said he plans to retire and hand over ownership to his son in the next five years.

“I am happy for the next 30 years and what will happen,” said Miles Edmark.

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